Registered Bulls - Heifers - Embryos - Semen

Why We Do It

We love living life as Cowboys/girls. We have a passion for the land we have been given, building and improving the land, improving the quality of the cattle to provide a superior yet attainable product. To see a sunrise and sunset over black cows and green pastures testifies to our God and to the men and women before us who work so hard to do the same. Our work day is measured in acres, not hours!

The Baumgartner’s want to share their passion with other farmers and ranchers across the United States by providing superior Black Angus genetics.

As a Black Angus seed stock producer, we pride ourselves on providing superior cattle that are statistically more valuable and easier to manage for farmers, and also more delicious to consumers. Whether you’re focused on breeding, eating, or selling cattle, B&B Cattle’s selection of high quality Black Angus is well worth the investment.

We love talking cattle, so give us a call, and we will try to answer any questions you have, help you understand our process, and give you expert advice on choosing the best sire, heifer, or donor cow to fit your needs and budget.